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Excellence, Innovation and Technological Foresight

University of Dar es Salaam Computing Centre

Designing and developing applications and software solutions has been a core and continuous activity of UCC since it was established. We have developed a wide range of very popular and successful applications for national and international organizations. A typical example is the development of the District Health Planning and Reporting Tool for the Ghana Health Service.

In addition, UCC provides a wide range of its own products, tools and platforms. We also undertake the development and support of tailor-made applications according to client's needs. We offer the best price/performance ratio and optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the client.

Apart from designing and developing applications and software solutions wealso undertake all activities that relate to software development. These include :

Systems Analysis and Design

Software Programming

Software System Intergration

Website Applications Design, Development and Hosting

Mobile Applications Development

Open Source Software development, customization, intergration and maintenance


In terms of Custom Software we offer creative and innovative software solutions designed specially for the client. We cater for either Windows or open source platforms, online or offline or both.

Whatever your need is we are here to develop it.