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  • Last Update: Apr 17, 2023

About This Course

Course Overview

The course addresses current systems and network administration issues in organizations. It focuses on the principles and techniques used in the design of networks and development of networks and distributed software. In today’s information-rich environment, computer systems become the heart of nearly every organization and the organization's success depends on it. Network and Systems Admins work in alsmost all industry as important part of the team that ensures organization's success. Network administration involves a wide batch of operational tasks for helping a network to run efficiently and smoothly. Without network administration, it would be difficult to maintain network operations. In addition, Systems administration ensures that the uptime, performance, resources, and security of the computers he/she manage meets users needs, within or below budget.

Who Should Attend

This Network and Administration Course is ideal for beginner level candidates aspiring for a career in Network and Systems Engeneer.



Familiarity with the LINUX operating system. Some experience in systems programing or OS programming would also be helpful, but is not required.