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  • Last Update: Apr 17, 2023

About This Course

Course Overview

The Oracle Certified Java Programmer Certification is for individuals with Java Programming experience and who are familiar with object oriented programming and seek recognition for their expertise with Java platforms and technologies. Includes the Java Programmer Certification Exam.

Who Should Attend

Whether you want to become a java developer for major software companies, work freelance, sharpen your programming skills or simply want to bring your ideas to life with a program, this course is for you.  Java is one of the most popular computer languages in the world with a huge market advantage.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: create and manage custom classes.  Control program flow by writing code to respond to specific criteria. Implement object-oriented programming techniques to create reusable and reliable programs. Work with Java utility class libraries. Use the capabilities of the Java I/O package to read and write data to external files or media. Use collection APIs in Java to manage data. Use generics to enforce compile-time type checking. Use multi-threaded programs to help handle multiple tasks concurrently. Manage Java applications for memory efficiency


This course is intended for individuals with experience using Java SE 6. Students should have knowledge of database structures and terminology. Also, they should be familiar with object oriented programming.