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RIMKU2 - President's Office and Prime Minister's Office

RIMKU2 is a system for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Government plans.  It was developed in conjunction with President's Office Public Sector Management (POPSM) and UCC has customised and built upon it further for Prime Minister’s Office Department of Coordination of Government Business (PMO DCGB).  It collects reports from Ministries, Departments and Agencies on the implementation government strategies and plans including MTEF, MKUKUTA, Ruling Party Manifesto the PAF matrix and presidential committments.

The current RIMKU2 is not yet in use, rather in testing, but the previous version is used in POPSM in reporting on various matters especially on MKUKUTA.

The system will be online, any committed changes will be seen right away by the respective people.   It is programmed in C# and MS SQL Server.

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