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Results -Mbezi Branch

University of Dar es Salaam Computing Centre is pleased to announce Supplimentary and Special Examination results for Certificate and Diploma students from Mbezi Branch.

Please note the following:


I=Incomplete; ABS=Abscond; DISCO=Discontinued from Studies; Withheld=Outstanding Fee payment; NoSF=Number of Subject Failed; Repeat = Repeat Semester

Certificate subjects abbreviations

CIT 04101-Computing Mathematics

CIT 04102-Communication and Entrepreneurship Skills

CIT 04103-PC Hardware and Software

CIT 04104-Desktop Publishing

CIT 04111-Office Automation I

 Diploma subjects abbreviations

CIT 05101-Computing Mathematics I

CIT 05102-Business Communication

CIT 05103-Networking for Home and Small Businesses

CIT 05107-Introduction to Computer Programming

CIT 05110-Design and Implementation of interactive websites

Additional Information

- Supplementary and Special Examinations for MBEZI BRANCH will commence on Monday of August  15, 2011.  See tIme table at the bottom of Results Document

Please find the attachements to download the results