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PlanRep for Prime Minister’s Office, Regional and Local Government

Development and Rollout of Planning and Reporting Database (PlanRep)

PlanRep is a popular, user-friendly planning and reporting database used by Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and designed to incorporate the Strategic Plan (Medium-Term Expenditure Framework), revenue projection, budgets, funds received, and track expenditure and physical implementation.  The software is designed to import and export data from and to the Epicor accounting system (IFMS) as used in Local Government Authorities (LGAs). 

PlanRep operates as an aggregating software at regional level and PO-RALG, where it constitutes a key component of the Management Information System.  It uses indicators for objectives from the Local Government Monitoring Database.

In developing PlanRep UCC carried out the following activities:
Project leading, systems analysis, bilingual software design and development, piloting, 5-phase national rollout programme, including training of 35 facilitators who in turn trained 460 local authority staff at 22 courses;  follow-up visits by facilitators in every local authority;  training in all 21 regional headquarters (in progress), consolidation and backstopping (in progress);  production of training video, operational manuals and a presentation of software to numerous key stakeholders;  establishment of online support through the PMO-RALG website.

The database can be operated in either English or Kiswahili and enables users to:

  • Enter a strategic plan as components of the Performance Budget Framework (formerly MTEF), i.e. Objectives, Targets, Activities and Inputs.  This function can be done simultaneously by different departments and later imported to the ‘master’ PlanRep2.
  • Associate indicators with Objectives and display them
  • Associate targets with a MKUKUTA cluster strategy
  • Produce the various reports required by the Ministry of Finance for the Strategic Budget Allocation System (SBAS2), and budget submission
  • Work out the total projected revenue from the council’s own sources (taxes, fees, etc), the community, central government and development partners
  • Allocate conditional revenue to specific targets
  • Allocate other revenue to LGA departments
  • Enter the PE, OC and development budgets associated with the framework
  • Compare the projected revenue with the actual funds received
  • Compare expenditure with budget
  • Enter funds received and expenditure either manually, or electronically from the 28-character Epicor accounting system
  • Enter quarterly reports on all targets
  • Enter inspection reports on physical implementation of development targets
  • Produce a core set of printouts plus many supplementary ones
  • Produce activity time charts for the current year
  • Enable Comprehensive Council Health Plans to be developed which are compliant with MHSW/PMO-RALG Planning Guideline (August 2006) and whose interventions broadly address the burden of disease
  • Export relevant data to the RAS, PMO-RALG and the Ministry of Finance

PlanRep is used by all Local Governement Authorites (LGAs) in Tanzania.    The primary client is Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government , while the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs have also been involved in development.

It is programmed in MS Access/VBA front end with MS Access back end.

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