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Human Resources Information System (HURIS)

Human Resources Information System (HURIS) for various clients including Temeke Municipality.

Human Resources Information System (HURIS) has the following functionality:

  • Storage of vital employee personnel data on unlimited number of employees
  • Documents performance review ratings and tracking review dates
  • Managing benefits information
  • Provision of essential personnel forms, letters and agreements
  • Automatically accrues and calculates vacation, sick, and personal time
  • Track leaves of absence, jury duty and more.
  • Managing dependant information
  • Periodic employee salary appraisal facility
  • Education background
  • Skills
  • Managing training records attended by employee
  • Storing employee profession group membership
  • Managing employees’ past employment information
  • Managing employees’ disciplinary records

Development of this software began in 2005.  It is programmed in Ms Access and Visual Basic for Applications front end with MySQL server or MS SQL Server as back end.

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