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Hardware Installation & Maintenance

UCC provides seamless integration of copper and fiber in Enterprise LAN and WAN networks. Our managed and unmanaged fiber conversion products support a wide variety of protocols, data rates and media types to create a more reliable and cost-effective network.

At UCC we do not only support and maintain your Microsoft operating systems and computer hardware but we can also supply you with all the resources needed to design, install and deploy new network technologies and advice where necessary on any upgrades that will fit your needs and budget.

UCC understands the need for customer satisfaction and as a result the company has managed to work closely with world leading manufactures, and suppliers to become the only authorized supplier of Dintek networking products in Tanzania that are guranteed to last and that are cost-effective for various network solutions for increasing bandwidth capacity of existing networks infrastructure. Our Network Solutions include:- Extending network distances by converting UTP to fiber Connecting Fiber-to-the-Desktop/Laptop/Thin Client Extending and repeating fiber network links Connecting Single-Mode to Multi-Mode and Single Fiber to Dual Fiber Increase the capacity of existing fiber networks Providing redundant link protection For more information on this areas, please call or visit us at University of Dar Es Salaam, or to our nearest branches.