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CTC Databases for National Aids Control Programme (NACP)

  • CTC Databases - HIV Care and Treatment monitoring and evaluation software for National Aids Control Programme (NACP). visit
  • The CTC2 database is a database for HIV/AIDS clinics to manage data on their HIV/AIDS care and treatment patients.  It is based on the national HIV care and treatment monitoring and evaluation tools.  It accepts data from the CTC2 card and performs various tasks including data checking, production of nationally mandated reports and giving the user a  wide range of automated printouts and data analysis tools.  It is highly user-friendly and easy to install.
    The CTC3 macro database is for analysis of data from multiple clinics.  It accepts export files from the CTC2 databases of clinics and combines them.  It has data generation features to aggregate data from patient-level to summary-level.  It contains a wide range of data analysis tools and automated printouts.
  • The CTC2 database is used by more than 300 HIV/AIDS clinics in every region of Tanzania.  The CTC3 macro database is used extensively by the National AIDS Control Programme including in the production of national reports on HIV/AIDS care and treatment.
  • The CTC databases are developed under specifications from the National Aids Control Programme (NACP) of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, under funding initially from the Global Fund and continued under USA Government PEPFAR.  Work began in November 2005 and updates and support work continues up to the present.
  • The CTC databases are programmed in MS Access and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  They have an option to use MS Access back end, or MySQL for larger clinics as well as the national database at the National AIDS Control Programme.
  • UCC has worked with Clinton Foundation in Papau New Guinea to adapt the CTC2 database for use there
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