University of Dar es Salaam Computing Centre is pleased to announce PROVISIONAL Examination results for Certificate and Diploma students.University of Dar es Salaam Computing Centre is pleased to announce PROVISIONAL Examination results for Certificate and Diploma students.


I=Incomplete; ABS=Abscond; DISCO=Discontinued from Studies; Withheld=Outstanding Fee payment; NoSF=Number of Subject Failed


CTT 04101- Basic Computing Mathematics

CTT 04102-Communication Skills

CTT 04103-PC & Networks I

CTT 04104-Introduction to Graphics Design

CTT 04105-Office Automation


CIT 04203-Network Operating Systems

CIT 04205-Basic Web Design

CIT 04206-Programming Concepts

CIT 04209-Database Principles

CIT 04211-Office Automation II


BIT 04101-Business Mathematics

BIT 04102- Basic Principle of Management

BIT 04103 - Principles of Accounting I

BIT 04104- Computer Fundamentals

BIT 04105 - Business Computer Applications


BIT 04202 - Business Communication

BIT 04203 - Principles of Accounting II

BIT 04206 – Principles of Programming

BIT 04209 -Database principles

BIT 04210  - Business Computer Application  II




CIT 05202-Techno-Entrepreneurship & Innovations

CIT 05203-Network Operations in Business Environments

CIT 05207-Programming with Visual Basic

CIT 05209-Introduction to Database systems

CIT 05210-Fundamentals of PHP Scripts


CIT 06101-Computing Mathematics II

CIT 06103-Introduction to Routing and Switching in Enterprise Networks

CIT 06106-Developing Applications with Microsoft Access

CIT 06107-Object Oriented Programming with Java

CIT 06108-Implementation of Database Systems using MyASQL


CIT 06201-Statistics Concepts and Applications

CIT 06202-Introduction to Project Management

CIT 06203-Designing and Supporting Computer Networks


CIT 06205-Systems Analysis and Design

CIT 06210-Design and Implementation of Database-Driven websites


RM 611 Integrated Records Management

RM 612 Introduction to Financial Records Management

RM 613 Records Management policy, Legislation and Standards

RM 617 Records Baseline Survey Principles

RM 6111 E-Records Management

RM 6112 Records Centre Management


RM 624 Introduction to Medical Records Management

RM 625 Introduction to Legal Records Management

RM 626 Introduction to Land Records Management

RM 628 Records Security and Disaster Management

RM 6210 Development Studies

RM 629 Introduction to Human Resource Management


BIT 05101-Statistics Concepts and Application

BIT05102-   Business Environment

BIT 05103-   Financial Accounting

BIT 05104- Computer Networking

BIT 05105-   Fundamental in systems Analysis and Design


BIT 05206 - Web Application Development

BIT 05207 - Managerial Accounting

BIT 05208 - Entrepreneurship

BIT 05209 - Marketing Management


BIT 06101- Information Systems Management

BIT 06104-Database Applications in Business

BIT 06102- Corporate Finance

BIT 06103- Computerized Accounting

BIT 06105-E-Business


BIT 06206 - Organisational Behaviour

BIT 06207 - IT Project Management

BIT 06208 - Principle of Business Law

BIT 06209- Customer Relations Management



Supplementary and Special Examinations will commence Monday of March 13rd 2017 at respective centres. Please see the time schedule at the bottom of the results document.

New Semester will start on March 20, 2017.

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